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Raspberry Pi: What I have been upto…

Raspberry Pi and a Gertboard driving a servo!
When I saw a now “original” built it yourself Gertboard come into stock on Tandy online (hey, retro or what!) I jumped at the opportunity.

Little did I realise what was in store building this thing… I kind of wish I made a video of the building process. Hey the process and original board is obsolete now the “Gertboard™ Assembled” is the only way to get your hands on one now.

Anyway.. here is a video me and my brother made of our new getboard driving a servo (lovingly narrated by him!)

2×16 LCD unit
Another electronic’s style video showing the result of my brother hooking up a 2×16 character LCD straight into the Pi’s GPIO pins via a breadboard and a lot of painstakingly troubleshooting on my part.

Running Quake 3
Here is another video I made back in April of my Pi running a linux compiled copy of Quake 3!

In another post I will talk about another much much much larger project I am working on now, I am super excited! It involves robotics, weather and a land far away!