The 24 hours of Le Mans (2013)

I finally made the pilgrimage to Le Mans in France for the 24 hours (motor car race) last month.

I dont know really know what to say about it. Beyond the facade of the history and and the obvious facts about the race I can only try and put it into words what the 24 hours IS, to me anyway.

It is the most pure human and machine pairing in motorsport that I have ever experienced. There is something magical about the progression of time into the night and back into the day. You feel the struggle of the 24 hours just like the drivers and mechanics do, it is a unique experience.

The cars for some reason can quickly become something more than the drivers inside of them, this is an extremely odd sensation, I have never really revered and willed on a racing car before.

Unfortunately during this 24 hours we experienced loss of a drivers life and that was tough to deal with but at the same time I become acutely aware of the reality of motorsport properly for the first time. It really is life in the fast lane, life at the limit, where success and failure stand side by side and control and calculation err more towards chance and luck.

I can’t wait to do it all again.

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